Jinri Park

Jinri Park: Know More of The Korean Beauty Making a Name for Herself in The Philippines

Gossip 02.23.17 | 11:11PM EST

Jinri Park is a Korean model raised in the Philippines and is currently creating a future for herself in the country.


Jin Of BTS Graduates From Konkuk University: BTS Celebrates During 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards

Buzz 02.22.17 | 11:54PM EST

Jin of BTS gradutes from Konkuk University and celebrates it during the 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards on Feb. 22.

Alex BP Rania

Alex of BP Rania Offered an Acting Break: Is She Out of The Group?

Buzz 02.22.17 | 10:02PM EST

Alex of BP Rania has been offered an acting opportunity in the US, as confirmed by agency DR Music.


Choi Yoo Jung and Kim Do Yeon Update: Photos of Former IOI Members in Disneyland Shows Duo Having Fun in L.A.

Buzz 02.22.17 | 09:58PM EST

Photos of former IOI members Choi Yoo Jung and Kim Do Yeon in Disneyland shows the duo having fun in Los Angeles


Ryeowook Of Super Junior Writes Another Letter To Fans In English: Reveals Plans Of Writing New 'Sad' Song

Buzz 02.20.17 | 03:14AM EST

Ryeowook sends another letter to his fans in English and reveals his plans for writing a new 'sad' song.

Kpop Group

Kpop Groups With Non-Korean Members: EXO, 2PM, GOT7, and More!

Buzz 02.20.17 | 03:10AM EST

These Kpop groups, including Super Junior M, EXO, 2PM, and many others include non-Korean members.

Hwayoung Defends Self, Warning Bashers to "Watch Themselves"

Buzz 02.18.17 | 10:39PM EST

Hwayoung defends self against bashers that flood her Instagram account with hate comments.


Jessi Broken Up With LA Rapper Dumbfoundead? Details Here!

Gossip 02.18.17 | 09:20PM EST

Recent news reveals that female rapper have broken up with beau, Dumbfoundead. Their relationship is short-lived as they were only recently reported to be dating.


BTS’s Jin Joked That Suga and J-Hope Should Work on Their Communication After Hilarious Messages In Group Chat!

SNS 02.01.17 | 12:54PM EST

Bangtan Boys member, Jin, has shared entertaining example of the popular boy group's conversation in their group chat. The visual of the group uploaded two screenshots of said group chat on Bangtan Boys' official Twitter on Jan. 23.

YG Entertainment introduces one of the members of their newest girl group Black Pink, Lisa in their Instagram account.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is The New Talk Of Town In Thailand; Singer Was Even Dubbed As The 'Thai Princess'

SNS 01.31.17 | 12:02PM EST

Several K-pop idols from foreign lands are gaining popularity in their homelands. One of them is BLACKPINK's Lisa who just gained a top star status in Thailand.

 IU arrive for the MelOn Music Awards at Olympic Gymnasium on November 14, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea.

Different Reactions From Idols Regarding Hate Comments

SNS 01.31.17 | 07:20AM EST

Idols react different way to hate comments. Some are fighting back, some are upset, some do not really care, and some othere fight back with legal action.


James To Leave Royal Pirates: Taking To Instagram To Say Goodbye

Buzz 01.31.17 | 04:36AM EST

James leaving Royal Pirate

Former IOI Member, Jeon Somi, Celebrates Lunar New Year Together With Family

Former IOI Member, Jeon Somi, Celebrates Lunar New Year Together With Family

SNS 01.31.17 | 01:40AM EST

The former IOI Member and JYP Entertainment artist, Jeon Somi, has celebrated the Lunar New Year together with her family.

EXO arrive for the the MelOn Music Awards at Olympic Gymnasium on November 14, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea.

KBS News Anchor Apologizes For BTS And EXO Comparison

SNS 01.30.17 | 11:55AM EST

The world wide web was recently bombarded with violent reactions from fans of BTS and EXO after seeing the statement of KBS news anchor, Park Young Hwan, where he compared the two boy groups. The said anchor recently released an official apology through his SNS account.

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon strikes a pose for Beauty +.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Supports Crush With Fun Comments

SNS 01.30.17 | 11:38AM EST

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon proved that she can be dorky around her friends. The SNS world was bombarded recently with Taeyeon's fun comments in Crush's Instagram live broadcast.

Jin of BTS poses for the promotion of their album 'The Wings'.

BTS' Jin Makes A Hilarious Deal With Fans If The Ratings For 'Law Of The Jungle' Surpassed 17 Percent

SNS 01.30.17 | 08:48AM EST

The adventure-themed variety show "Law of the Jungle" has its highest ratings in its history peaking at 17 percent. As a way of his support for the show, BTS' Jin made a hilarious deal with his fans on his Twitter page.

Block B

Block B Is Back!

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.29.17 | 07:30AM EST

Block B comeback


Minzy Voices Thoughts On 2ne1’s Farewell Song ‘Goodbye’

SNS 01.21.17 | 05:20AM EST

Minzy reaction about 2ne1's newest MV

Here's one of the photos Taeyeon posted on her Instagram as a response to a basher's comment.

Taeyeon Responds to Hater on Her Instagram With Photo Series

SNS 01.19.17 | 10:24AM EST

It seems that Girls' Generations' leader Taeyeon was once again attacked by a hater on her Instagram account. Here's how she handled the situation with grace.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee

Rain Confirmed Marriage With Longtime Girl Friend Kim Tae Hee!!!

Buzz 01.18.17 | 04:42AM EST

Rain confirmed marriage to Kim Tae Hee


BLACKPINK Confirms Fandom Name With A Thank You Letter!

Buzz 01.17.17 | 04:29AM EST

BLACKPINK Confirms Fandom Name

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