K-Pop Stars Cover Popular K-Pop Songs [VIDEOS]

Hot Issues 12.18.13 | 03:21AM EST

K-pop Stars Cover Popular K-pop Songs

Tahiti Jisu-Ari, Chosen As Cast For Movie "Black Idols"

Stars on TV / Movies 08.30.13 | 08:55AM EDT

Girl group Tahiti's members Jisu and Ari were chosen as the main girl characters for the movie "Black Idols."

Who Is Jisu Of TAHITI That Lee Teuk Of Super Junior Picked To See Before Going To The Army?

Headlines 09.28.12 | 09:20AM EDT

Lee Teuk of Super Junior picked Jisu of TAHITI as the idol that he wants to meet before going to the army.

Tahiti Jisu Poses with Same Agency Actor Cho Jung Suk

Buzz 07.26.12 | 09:37PM EDT

Tahiti Jisu reveals her photo with actor Cho Jung Suk.


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