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LOEN Music Changes Its Name To '1theK' With Sights On Becoming A 'Global K-Pop Hub'

02.18.14 | 12:02AM EST

1theK is expected to be LOEN Entertainment's plunge into the worldwide K-Pop scene

Fierce October Music Wars, Who Gets the Last Laugh?

Headlines 10.30.13 | 11:47AM EDT

October, the month of numerous artist comebacks, is finally coming to an end. Who is the winner of the October War of Music Comebacks?

The Top 10 Artist List For The “2013 Melon Awards” Have Been Released: Award Season Is Now Full Swing

Stars on TV / Movies 10.30.13 | 03:41AM EDT

Is your favorite artist included on this list, which features the best of 2013?

IU Gets Locked In Her M! Countdown Dressing Room, Comeback Stage Hex?

Stars on TV / Movies 10.12.13 | 09:12PM EDT

Misfortune event come to IU's way as she was locked helplessly in her dressing room

IU’s Gone Blonde! New Long, Wavy Hairstyle and Expressionless Face Are Sexy

Buzz 10.10.13 | 01:15AM EDT

Singer IU showed off her new blond hair for the first time in a selca photo.

Perpetrator Responsible for Spreading Malicious Rumors About IU Apologizes in Heartfelt Letter

Hot Issues 09.27.13 | 09:29AM EDT

One netizen admitted to being responsible for spreading rumors about IU, and uploaded an apology letter on an online fan community site.

Shinsadong Tiger Signed as LOEN Label Representative

Headlines 09.25.13 | 09:13AM EDT

Hit song maker Shinsadong Tiger will take on a label for LOEN Entertainment.

LOEN Entertainment Agrees To Honor Promotional Contract For JYJ Singer Junsu Xia's New Solo Album 'Incredible' After Facing Legal Action

Headlines 07.10.13 | 01:49PM EDT

In a 180-degree shift from their position earlier this week, LOEN Entertainment has agreed to honor their agreement to promote JYJ singer Xia Junsu's new solo album "Incredible."

Execs At Xia Junsu's Record Label Furious After LOEN Entertainment Scales Back Promotions 6 Days Before JYJ Singer's Solo Release

Headlines 07.09.13 | 02:05PM EDT

Executives at Xia Junsu's record label C-JeS Entertainment are fuming over a promotional partnership gone wrong with Loen Entertainment.

Heyne Set To Debut As Rookie Singer

Headlines 06.15.13 | 04:24PM EDT

Heyne was set to debut following a music video of her single Dalla

Kpop Group History Shines In First 'Tory Tory Bang Bang' Episode

Hot Issues 06.08.13 | 06:34PM EDT

Kpop group History releases their first episode in 'Tory Tory Bang Bang'

Hackers Hired To Manipulate Online Kpop Charts? 'Is It Really That Hard To Ask For Some Fairness?'

Headlines 05.05.13 | 03:05AM EDT

What entertainment agency has been manipulating the digital charts?

January Frenzy!: Comeback and Debut Overview

Headlines 01.07.13 | 07:42AM EST

With the start of a new year, the k-pop world is going to blown with numerous comebacks and debuts. Some are no doubt still rumors and some are ready to make the stage.

IU to Review Several Productions before Confirming Role

Stars on TV / Movies 12.20.12 | 02:47PM EST

Singer IU has been reviewing several productions for review.

'K-Pop Star' Yoon Hyun Sang to Debut Next Year, 'Original Songs'

Headlines 12.18.12 | 03:00PM EST

SBS "K-Pop Star" contestant from season 1 Yoon Hyun Sang will be debuting next year.

IU to Release 'Real Fantasy 2012' Special DVD for Fans

Headlines 12.18.12 | 01:33PM EST

Singer IU's first concert tour, 'Real Fantasy 2012' will be made into a special DVD.

Singer Zia to Make Comeback on December 10

Headlines 12.06.12 | 03:35PM EST

Singer Zia will be making a comeback with her new mini album on December 10.

IU's Clarification, Picture With Eunhyuk, 'Please Don't Misunderstand'

Hot Issues 11.11.12 | 10:20AM EST

Singer IU clarified the issue behind the picture that was posted on her SNS today.

Gain Vs. IU, Competition for Number 1 Spot in Agency

Headlines 11.02.12 | 02:19PM EDT

Singers Gain and IU compete against each other for the number 1 spot in their agency.

SISTAR Soyu and Geeks to Release Collaborative Album on November 1

Headlines 10.31.12 | 03:02PM EDT

SISTAR Soyu and Geeks will be releasing a collaboration album, Offcially Missing You, too, tomorrow, November 1.

Gain Offers Pole Dancing Lesson

Headlines 10.12.12 | 11:53AM EDT

Singer Gain showed off her pole dancing skills.

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