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‘19 Kids And Counting’ Duggar Family Compares Abortion To Slavery On Instagram: Twitter Users Outrage, Jessa Duggar Retweets To Support

By Sophia Steele | August 05, 2014 01:46 PM EDT

‘19 Kids and Counting’ Duggar family compared abortion to slavery on their Instagram and Twitter. This made Twitter users very angry, but one of the daughters of ‘19 Kids and Counting’ Jessa Duggar retweeted to show support. But Jill Duggar, married to Derick Dillard, didn’t acknowledge the post. Is she rebelling from the Duggar family?

Check out the Duggar family post that likened abortion to slavery here:

They tagged the picture, “Legality does not equal morality... Slavery was legal. #AbolishAbortion”.

This, of course, made many Twitter users angry and even unfollow Duggar family’s account.

Karen W wrote, “@duggarfam @JessaSeewald Are you going to financially support all of the babies that are born? What about kids conceived due to rape?”

Miss Tina said in response, “@duggarfam Very telling how you never, EVER say, “abolish poverty” Or, “abolish war”. Or, “abolish rape”.

As a very religiously committed household, Duggar family opposes abortion and the use of some contraceptives. They have an iron-clad restrictions on who their kids can date and “court”.

They also are famous for marrying off their kids early. Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard this past June and their wedding will be featured on TLC’s fall programming.

Duggar family uses their very public presence on ‘19 Kids and Counting’ and social media to spread the word of God and to show how to be a good Christian family.

Duggar family’s instagram account is full of biblical quotes and conservative endorsements. They most recently posted, “Romans 10:13 - For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

A week ago, they posted a quotation from Spurgeon, “Morality may keep you out of jail, but it takes the blood of Jesus to keep you out of hell. -CH Sprugeon”.

Do you think ‘19 Kids and Counting’ should be continued on TLC? Do you think they will extend after their fall season? Let me know in the comments below!

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