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Kim Jong Kook's Manner Hands Becomes An Issue "So Big and So Considerate"

July 17, 2012 02:13 AM EDT

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kim / Credit: jong gook

Singer Kim Jong Kook's manner hands were captured on "Running Man", becoming a hot issue online.

On the July 15 broadcast of SBS "Running Man," Kim Jong Kook carried actress Song Ji Hyo on his back for the 'Princess Race.'

On this day, Kim Jong Kook had to run back and forth on the streets of Hongdae with Song Ji Hyo on his back. While he carried her, he kept his hands on himself so they would not touch Song Ji Hyo's legs, displaying 'manner hands.'

Kim Jong Kook's manner hands had already been shown during the 'Wedding Race.' In that episode, Kim Jong Kook was partnered with 4minute's HyunA, and he received many compliments for protecting her the same way.

Internet users who saw this photo commented, "He's pretty delicate" and "That's something you can think of doing only if you have the strength."

Photo Credit: SBS

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