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Park Jin Young, At JYP Exposure of Agency Singers, "I Was Too Lenient"

July 19, 2012 05:48 PM EDT

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Singer and producer Park Jin Young (JYP) opened up about his artists' insults of him.

On July 18, Park Jin Young came out in MBC radio FM4U "Jeong Yeop's Blue Night" and revealed his opinions about JYP idol members talking about him in entertainment programs.

He said, "I think I might have let them loose too much. From now on, I'm going to act forcefully and strictly," arousing laughter.

But he said, "But having a drink with my artists and co-workers is the most fun," revealing his affection for his singers.

He also said, "But because they may be uncomfortable, I will only meet up with them when they want me to buy them a drink."

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