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Rookie Group Big Star's Raehwan Updates with Cute Self-Cam Photos

July 20, 2012 02:18 PM EDT

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Rookie boy group Big Star's Raehwan's has captured fans' hearts with his latest self-cam photos.

On July 20, Raehwan posted on Big Star's official me2day, "Pease forget about the video of me practicing with my shirt off~ ^^; I'm shy, but here's a self-cam photo!" along with some pictures.

In the pictures, Raehwan is seen winking and hold up a victory sign, overflowing in cuteness. Raehwan's amazingly while and flawless skin made him shine even brighter.

Internet users commented, "I never knew he was this good looking since he wears sunglasses on stage", "My hot boy", "Raehwan's tongue" and "His smile would capture the hearts of many girls, I wish he was mine."

Meanwhile, the group is promoting their debut single, Hot Boy

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