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Still Cuts Of 2PM's Chansung Upcoming Movie "Red Carpet"

By Gracia | September 21, 2014 04:53 PM EDT

2PM's Chansung shows us a glimpse of his acting skills with the latest still cuts from his upcoming movie "Red Carpet."

Chansung, a member of popular K-Pop boy group 2PM, will hit the silver screen next month in his first feature film, "Red Carpet." To get fans pumped for the film's release in October, several still photos from the filming process were revealed through the JYP Actors homepage.

"Red Carpet" follows the story of an adult film crew and Chansung takes on the role of a very hardworking, youngest member of the production team. Chansung will show off another side of himself, very different from his idol image.  The film will give fans a chance to see the idol outside his comfort zone.

The stills from the film show Chansung holding a boom microphone with a confused look on his face. He is wearing casual attire while portraying the innocent team member, with a simple shirt, jeans, cap and geeky glasses as his accessories. 

"Red Carpet" is set to premiere this coming October 23rd. 

Are you excited to see Chansung's upcoming movie? Check out Chansung's still cuts below.

Chansung on his geeky,innocent looks on "Red Carpet"

Chansung along with his production team 

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