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Nichkhun's Brother Nichan Apologizes and Deletes Support Picture

July 27, 2012 11:32 AM EDT

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2PM Nichkhun's older brother Nichan deleted his support message and picture.

On July 27, Nichan wrote on his twitter, "I apologize to the injured person, his family and the Korean people for my recent tweet. I only wanted to cheer up my brother because he was so deeply in pain and despair. I should have been more thoughtful and cautious about people who are related to this accident. I'm so sorry."

A day before on July 26, Nichan had posted on his twitter, "What i would do to cheer u up bro," along with a picture with him and his younger sisters. On their eyebrows, they posted signs that read, "Nichkhun. Fighting. We love you." 

Internet users commented, "How can they post a funny picture when an accident has happened" and "This is going to make Nichkhun more stressed out."

On July 24, Nichkhun was caught for drunk driving and hitting a motorcycle. His blood alcohol content at the time was 0.056% and will be temporarily canceling all activities.

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