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Girls’ Generation Seo-hyun’s dress amazed viewers

By Shin-ae Choi | December 09, 2011 09:06 PM EST

On November 29, at Singapore, the ‘2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ took place and Girls’ Generation walked through the red carpet.

The 9 Girls’ Generation members each wore a different dress appropriate for the red carpet rather than for a performance.

Makne (youngest)’s Seo-hyun attracted the most fans. She was the only member that wore a long dress that matched her really well. The other members wore a cute pink-tone dresses or miniskirts, but Seo-hyun wore a very elegant dress.

The attitude Seo-hyun portrayed as she wore this dress made everyone look. As she was wearing her long dress, Seo-hyun kept putting her hand to cover her breast line. The tube-top design exaggerated the V-line on her chest, but Seo-hyun seemed uncomfortable and covered with her hand the whole time.

Trendsetters said, “Girls’ Generation indeed came. It looked as if 9 princesses came together. The minidresses, tube top design that was neatly organized by every member was a nice touch. There was no need for other accessories”. Then they said, “Seo-hyun was the only member with a long dress. The match of her long hair and dress showed such elegance.

Picture: Internet community, Mnet

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