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TEEN TOP Photo Shoot, Soft Charisma

August 19, 2012 11:18 AM EDT

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fsad / Credit: fsad

Idol group TEEN TOP revealed a different charm through a recent photo shoot.

Recently, TEEN TOP held a photo shoot with the fashion magazine ELLE Girl. In this photo shoot, TEEN TOP took on a black, chic look, showing their soft charisma.

When member Niel was asked if he confidently confesses if he likes a girl like their new title song, Niel replied that outside of stage he's more shy, so he wouldn't be able to. Another member Changjo confessed that the members and he are into skateboard riding, and Elzo picked songwriting and other music-related things as something he wants to achieve within this year.

The rest of the interview and the photo shoot can be found on September edition.

Photo Credits: ELLE Girl

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