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2PM Taecyeon Takes a Picture with Wonder Girls's Yeeun "You're Shining, So It's Okay"

August 20, 2012 09:49 AM EDT

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2PM Taecyeon Takes A Picture With Wonder Girls's Ye Eun "You're Shining, So It's Okay" / Credit: .

Group 2PM's member, Taecyeon took a smiling self camera, that showed great visuals, with Wonder Girls's member Yeeun. 

Taecyeon wrote on his Twitter on Sunday, "My 'After You Left Me' partner, Ye Eunie~ you worked hard for the 3 performances," and uploaded a picture.

In the picture, they are seen wearing short sleeved white t-shirts and are sitting next to each other. The two people are making a peace sign and are showing cute charms. Yeeun commented on the picture and wrote, "It's too dark." Taecyeon replied, "You're shining, so it's ok. Kkyao!!!", and wrote a charming remark that gained attention.

Internet users who saw the picture and comments said, "they seem to have a chicken skin friendship?", "it's kind of like a couple pose...they look good together!", "Yeeun is cute too, I can't believe the beast guy made a pose like that, it's different."

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