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Rookie singer SeoYeon able to sing on same level as Beast and Suzy on “I am a Flower too” OST

By Jun-ki Yoo | December 11, 2011 03:43 AM EST

Rookie singer SeoYeon released a song on the “I am a Flower too” OST “Too Much Tears”.

SeoYeon’s song “Love is You” has a sweet melody with lyrics that are very cute and pure reminding one of when you first start loving someone. SeoYeon, who is not yet 20 and still in high school, had the perfect voice to compliment the pureness of the song moving away from  the tiring sound of auto tune dominating the music industry today.

The song is a hybrid of hip hop rhythms with a warm and trendy acoustic guitar sound. Hip hop group “Blue Marble” did a rap featuring adding to the song. Also, one of contestants of “Star Audition” Cha YeoUl featured in the chorus of the song and raised the quality of the song.

Beast featured in “I am a Flower too” OST part 1 and Suzy in Part 2 creating a lot of interest. Meanwhile in Part 3 Seo Yeon, a rookie singer, was able to stand on the same level as them by singing the main title song of the album creating many eyes to focus on her singing abilities and look forward to her future. 


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