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Park Gyuri, Admits She's a Goddess? "God Gave Me 'Never Ending Confidence'"

August 22, 2012 06:41 PM EDT

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KARA Finally Comes Back with 'Pandora' Revealing Feminine Attraction at Press Conference / Credit: KpopStarz

KARA's Park Gyuri chose 'never ending confidence' as her own charm.

Today, KARA's 5th mini album Pandora showcase was held in a hotel in Seoul.

In the press conference held before the showcase, Park Gyuri was asked, "If you were received something from the pandora like in your music video, what do you think you received?", and she replied, "I think it was the heart that allows me to stay positive and confident through any circumstance. In other words, I think I received 'never ending confidence'."

When the reporters pointed out that their performances have been getting bolder since "Jumpin" and "Step," Park Gyuri said, "Through the concerts this year, we did individual stages for the first time. Because of this, we got greedier about performances."

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