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Psy is Back in Korea: Horse Riding Dance at the Airport!

August 25, 2012 10:14 AM EDT

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Psy / Credit: online sources

"I've never received this much spotlight in my entire life."

Singer Psy returned to Korea after a promising experience in the United States. Regardless of his early arrival time, countless reporters and fans were present at the airport to welcome Psy. Psy's global stardom was clearly apparent with the entire spotlight pointed at him.

Psy left Los Angeles around 2:50PM yesterday and arrived at Incheon International Airport. Psy left Korea for LA on August 15 and stayed for about ten days. Psy made plans with Justin Bieber's producer for a collaboration project and already began his album promotions in the United States through an interview with a media source.

The airport was overcrowded with fans and reporters waiting for Psy's arrival. Psy was surprised at first when he saw the crowd waiting for him but responded with a burst of laughter. Wherever he saw a camera, he waved the victory sign and expressed his gratitude through his bright smile.

Psy even expressed his overwhelming happiness. Psy revealed, "Throughout my singing career, I have never received this much spotlight. Thank you so much for being here even when it is so early in the morning. I am so happy that so many people like the song 'Gangnam Style.'"

Regarding his appearance in the United States music industry, he seemed confident. Pay revealed, "I met with Justin Bieber's representatives. There were a lot of interesting and fun conversations. I think you'll be seeing something very pleasant sometime in the near future" and expressed his optimism.

Psy even mentioned how people are responding to his song in the United States. Psy stated, "Even though people don't recognize me when I take my sunglasses off, people knew who I was when I put my sunglasses on." Psy continued, "I definitely felt the power of the music video. I am very grateful for this experience."

Psy also added the popularity of the horse riding dance. He stated, "When 'Gangnam Style' began to play at the Dodgers Stadium, the fans began to dance to it. They were actually doing the horse riding dance and having fun. Even on various TV programs, the representatives and the MCs expressed how badly they wanted to learn the horse riding dance."

On the day of his arrival, he exemplified his unique individual style while wearing a white dress shirt with wide legged black pants matched with his black shoes with ribbons on them. His interesting attire drew attention.

There was a special event at the airport. As a sign of gratitude, Psy showed off his famous horse riding dance in the middle of the airport for his fans. The crowd went wild as they watched Psy's comedic dance routine.

Meanwhile, Psy's "Gangnam Style" receviedd over 50 million hits on YouTube and continues to remain popular. In the United States, Australia and New Zealand, Psy's "Gangnam Style" placed number 1 on various movie charts. Numerous foreign media sources like CNN, Wall Street Journal, LA Times and Frnace M6 TV are focusing on Psy and his "Gangnam Style."

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