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Wonder Girls in NYC for iHeartRadio: mini-Concert in a Nutshell

September 06, 2012 12:13 AM EDT

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Wonder Girls in NYC for iHeartRadio: mini-Concert in a Nutshell / Credit: KpopStarz

In the perspective of the Kpopstarz staff members who were present at the venue where the Wonder Girls held a mini-exclusive-concert.

Outside of the iHeartRadio Theatre in New York City, fans were lined up hours before the Wonder Girls were scheduled to perform live. There were some hard core fans in the line waiting with us who began dancing the choreography of "Like This" to pass the time. At around 5:30P.M., event coordinators outside of the venue handed out special wrist bands for entrance to the event.

Once we entered the venue, the brightly lit stage could be seen shining with purple and red lights. When the clock hit 6, Trey from z100 appeared on stage to introduce the Wonder Girls.

The Wonder Girls entered the stage with charisma to perform their very first song of the night, "DJ is Mine." The second song of the night was "Nn Shoes" followed by a quick greeting for their fans at the event as well as for the fans who were watching the live stream via the iHeartRadio website.

During their greet, the Wonder Girls introduced themselves and showed their gratitude for their fans in the crowd who stayed energetic regardless of the heat inside of the venue. Among the fans, there were fans who prepared hand-made posters as well as small gifts for the Wonder Girls.

While the girls were greeting the fans, few of the fans shouted out "Happy Birthday Lim!" from the crowd and the other members suggested singing happy birthday for Hyerim. The Wonder Girls sang along with their fans in wishing Hyerim a happy birthday.

The Wonder Girls then stated, "Enjoy the rest of the show. Let's get the party started for upbeat songs. Should we do it? Let's have some fun!"

Then Wonder Girls continued their mini-concert with their performance of the songs "Like This" and "Be My Baby." After the song "Be My Baby," the Wonder Girls commented, "So before we get crazy, let's take photos" and began to ask for poses the fans wanted. They posed for their fans in the left side, the right side, and then the middle.

After a quick water break, the Wonder Girls gathered in the middle of the stage and began to talk about their childhood dreams. Sun mentioned that her dream was always the same: to become a singer. The girls then asked the fans about their dreams and aspirations. After the quick chat, Sohee stated, "It is important to chase your dreams" and the other girls added that following your dreams is the most important thing in life and that it is a blessing to have something to be passionate about.

The Wonder Girls then perform their inspirational song "Girls, Girls." After their performance of "Girls, Girls", Yeeun introduces the next song and Lim comments, "Two of these tracks are my favorite. I hope you really like it. We are really excited." After their quick introduction, 3 of their never released tracks were performed.

The first of the three unreleased songs was a track called, "Ouch" which showed off their vocals. The next song was "Stay Together", which was said to have been inspired by the movie. The Wonder Girls then stated, "...enough of our slow songs" and introduced the next song "Wake Up."

After they performed their never-before-released tracks, they began to perform their old hits. The Wonder Girls stated, "What are your plans for the night after the show? Tonight we are flying out to Singapore" then added that it is time for them to all sing together, as one. The first hit song was "Tell Me," followed by "So Hot."

After their performance of "So Hot," the girls stated, "I know you guys are so hot. I cannot believe we have one song left. Nope, just kidding. I think you all know this song. I know you know the dances. Let's practice." The girls then began to teach the audience the dance moves for their world famous song "Nobody."

The crowd sang along and danced the choreography while the girls performed "Nobody." The next song was "Two Different Tears" followed by their goodbye. The girls stated, "Now we really have one song left. Did you guys have fun? We would like to thank iHeartRadio and Clear Channel for giving us this opportunity to perform for our fans. We know that you have been requesting this song on the radio. Thank you for supporting us and loving us."

The finale of the night was their newest song, "Like Money." For the couple of minutes of their performance of "Like Money", all of the fans in the crowd forgot about everything and sang/danced to the song.

While the Wonder Girls had to quickly exit the stage, they stated, "Thank you for coming and for today. Thank you" and shook hands with their fans as well to express their gratitude.

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