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Editor's Pick: Korean Hip-Hop Duo Pinodyne Shake Off Their Blues On The Party Track 'Let Me See Your Tattoo' Featuring Deez [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | November 19, 2014 07:31 PM EST

"Her," the new five-song EP from the South Korean rap group Pinodyne is an introspective album, often bordering on hip-hop balladry, with one notable exception.

The track "Let Me See Your Tattoo," released on Wednesday and featuring the vocalist Deez is a party starter, plain and simple. This track could go head to head with any Hallyu track around.

With shades of everything from the Manchester dance scene of the late 1980s to British vocalist Estelle's 2008 collaboration with Kanye West "American Boy," Pinodyne uses taste musicality and a cool jazz mentality on "Let Me See Your Tattoo." The result is a richly layered pop song with major crossover appeal.

But Pinodyne and Deez aren't content to simply get asses shaking.

At the height of "Let Me See Your Tattoo," just under three minutes in, the duo, comprised of rapper Huckleberry P and producer Soul Fish, break the song down into the kind of trippy, mellow vibes explored on Frank Ocean's breakout album "channel ORANGE."

The energy never returns. Instead, Pinodyne are content to have the listeners float off on a wave of sonic bliss.

These kinds of musical jumps could only be accomplished using high-caliber players like the ones performing on "Let Me See Your Tattoo."

While the drum beat is clearly a loop and it is increasingly more difficult in this day and age to know exactly what was sampled and what was played live, the backing tracking appears to be comprised of live musicians doing some very tasty playing.

The guitar and keyboard player are both particularly spot on.

There are plenty of rap acts inside and outside Korea that can lay down a fist pumping beat. Not many of them can take you on a musical ride.

Listen to the new Pinodyne single "Let Me See Your Tattoo" featuring Deez RIGHT HERE

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