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With Multiple Chart-Topping Hits, 2014 Is The Year Of YG Entertainment

By Adrienne Stanley | November 27, 2014 07:47 AM EST


Korean media outlet OSEN recognized the recent accomplishments of YG Entertainment’s artists proclaiming “It’s Certainly YG’s Year!” The agency spotlighted the OSEN article through their company blog, YG Life, with the headline 2014 YG’s Year: 7-for-7.

The seven for seven aspect of the title refers to the achievements of YG Entertainment musicians at the MelOn Music Awards. Taeyang, Akdong Musician, WINNER, and 2NE1 were all award recipients as Top 10 Artists. Taeyang won Song of the Year for his hit “Eyes, Nose, Lips” while WINNER received the Best New Artist Award. Akdong Musician also received the Folk award for their song “200%” while 2NE1 were recognized with the Electronic award for their hit “Come Back Home.”

YG Entertainment artists are also leading in key categories for the upcoming Mnet Asian Music Awards.

In 2014, several YG artists made record-breaking comebacks, in addition to strong debuts from rookie artists. The success of YG has most recently been witnessed with G-Dragon and Taeyang’s unit single “Good Boy” which achieved an all-time on Korea’s real time charts while exceeding three million YouTube views in forty hours. 

2014 kicked off with Crush, the second studio album from 2NE1, which was released in February 2014. In April, K-pop Star 2 champions Akdong Musician (AKMU) released the critically acclaimed debut album Play. Big Bang’s Taeyang released Rise in June to widespread commercial success, with the album achieving an all-kill on Korea’s real time charts and placing number one on iTunes in ten countries.

In addition to AKMU, rookie group WINNER had a strong debut in August 2014 with their album 2014 S/S.

Epik High delivered a strong comeback in October with their album Shoebox. Shoebox has received widespread attention for its musical complexity and unparalleled collaborations on the track “Born Hater.”

“Born Hater” featured Bobby who was the champion of the hip-hop competition program Show Me The Money 3, who is set to debut with the upcoming group iKON. Bobby was also featured on unit release of Lee Hi and Lee Soo Hyun’s (Hi SuHyun) “I’m Different.”

 Do you think this is one of the best years YG has seen?

Why do you think 2014 has been such a strong year for the artists at YG Entertainment? Whose accomplishments are you most proud of?

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