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'To the Beautiful You' Minho-Lee Hyun Woo Team Up to Interrupt Sulli-Kim Woo Bin's Date

September 14, 2012 02:19 PM EDT

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Tae Joon and Eun Gyeol teamed up to become the obstacles to a date.

On the Wednesday episode of "To the Beautiful You" Tae Joon (SHINee's Minho) and Eun Gyeol (Lee Hyun Woo) have become the messengers of jealousy, sending the viewer's laughing. 

Jae Hee (f(x) Sulli)'s first love John (Kim Woo Bin) appeared and their natural closeness sent the two male leads into a frenzied jealousy. When Jae Hee says that she would like to show John around Seoul, Tae Joon stops her saying, "What do you mean a Seoul tour? You don't know anything about it. You know which bus to take? How to get to Insadong? How are you supposed to see Seoul without going to Insadong?" and corners her. Then he pretends to volunteer. 

Jae Hee says, "But why would you do that?" Tae Joon says, "I just want to show off Seoul properly!"

Eun Gyeol was also opposing Jae Hee being with Woo Bin. Eun Gyeol says, "Tae Joon you're from Kyungkido. I'm the only Seoul citizen and I'm coming too. Can't see it being misrepresented." and volunteers himself for the trip as well. 

Woo Bin says, "How did it get to be this many people? I wanted to go with you, not a class trip." to Jae Hee and seems bitter.

The three of them were showing incredible tension and rivalry in this episode and showed signs of becoming more complicated.

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