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'My Daughter Seo Young' CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin Has First Shoot

September 14, 2012 08:40 PM EDT

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'My Daughter Seo Young' CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin Has First Shoot

CNBLUE member Lee Jung Shin was spotted playing his idol force fully on his first shoot on the set of the new KBS drama, "My Daughter Seo Young," where he plays troublemaker Kang Sung Jae. 

Kang Sung Jae is a pain for his family consisting of his older brother and older sister who both excel in academics. He is closer to the bottom in grades at his school. 

On September 6, he shot his first scene with nemesis tutor Lee Seo Young (Lee Bo Young). He is known to go through tutors once every month but Lee Seo Young isn't someone you can just push over. 

Lee Seo Young handles Kang Sung Jae, despite his rebellious nature, easily and she shows off her charismatic tutor self very well.

Lee Jung Shin and Lee Bo Young were seen going over the script together and Lee Jung Shin was able to successfully finish the shoot thanks to the lead of his more experienced co-star. Lee Bo Young seemed entertained by Lee Jung Shin and his playful attitude. 

"My Daughter Seo Young" is about a daughter who hates her father and the father is trying to get his daughter's heart back. 

It debuts on September 15.

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