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CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk Passes off the Baton to Lee Jung Shin

September 16, 2012 06:26 PM EDT

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CNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk passed off the baton to Lee Jung Shin.

The KBS new weekend drama "My Daughter Seo Young" includes cast member Lee Jung Shin, who was visited by Kang Min Hyuk, a fellow CNBLUE member. 

Kang Min Hyuk posted the above picture on Twitter saying, "Jung Shin! Take This! Take After my drama!'" and Lee Jung Shin said, "Min Hyuk! I received it! Please watch my show's first episode!"

"Unexpected You" was an incredible hit and Kang Min Hyuk was incredibly noticed by the viewers. He had visited his friend Lee Jung Shin in order to wish him and his new drama good luck. The two of them had taken a picture to celebrate the occasion.

The question is whether the viewers who loved "Unexpected You" will love the drama that follows it.

"My Daughter Seo Young" is about a tumultuous father-daughter relationship and includes a cast of Lee Bo Young and Park Jung Ah. The drama premiered on Saturday.

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