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Sung Yuri's Alien Self Camera Picture, "Looks That Can't Be Found Near You"

September 17, 2012 04:54 PM EDT

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Sung Yuri revealed an alien self-camera picture of herself.

Sung Yuri wrote on her me2Day on September 13, "I look like an alien, right?", and she uploaded a picture.

In the picture, Sung Yuri seems to be getting her hair done at a beauty salon. Her hair is wrapped in beauty tools. In the midst of that, she opens her eyes widely and seems to have a playful face, while sticking her tongue out. 

Internet users, who saw her alien self-camera picture, commented, "I'm the alien..", "She's so pretty...because she doesn't exist in this world, she's an alien," and "She must be getting her hair done."

Photo Credit: Sung Yuri's me2day

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