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f(x)'s Amber Gets a Makeover For Her Birthday?

September 18, 2012 11:31 AM EDT

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    Amber getting a makeover by Min and Jia / Credit: llama_ajol@twitter

    On September 18, f(x)'s rapper Amber celebrated her birthday by tweeting a photo of herself along with miss A's Min and Jia.

    The tweet said,

    "#HappyLlamaDay... before my makeover@missA_jia @missA_min sorry u guys haha"

    In the photo, Amber is smiling wearing extensions while the two miss A members make a funny face beside her. 

    Followers of Amber on Twitter commented, "I wonder how they communicate.. They have so many options to choose from. Korean Chinese and English", "Happy birthday, @llama_ajol #HappyLlamaDay!" 

    What do you guys think about Amber's makeover? 

    Don't forget to greet her on Twitter at @llama_ajol, and make sure you add #HappyLlamaDay as well!

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