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'To the Beautiful You' Sulli Sees Minho-Kim Ji Won Embrace

September 20, 2012 03:08 AM EDT

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Jae Hee bitterly watched as Tae Jun and Hanna embraced.

On the Wednesday episode of "To the Beautiful You," Tae Jun (Minho) was kindly comforting Hanna (Kim Ji Won), who was at the hospital, and Jae Hee (Sulli)  sees them embrace and walks away. 

Hanna had sprained her ankle during a gymnastics practice because she wasn't able to focus with the thought that Tae Jun was in love with Jae Hee. This is critical for a gymnast like Hanna because an injury to her ankle means that she may not be able to return. The people around her were unable to tell her and so it was up to Tae Jun to break the news. He held her hand tight and told her that he needed to tell her something. 

At the same time, Jae Hee, who was worried about Tae Jun not returning to the dorm, was planning on visiting Hanna with a bouquet of flowers. However, when she opens the door, Hanna was crying and Tae Jun was warmly holding her. Seeing this, she stepped back and couldn't hide the disappointment in her face. 

In this episode, Hanna tries to use her sprained ankle to her advantage but when she realizes that there is nothing she can do, she ultimately decides to let Tae Jun go. 

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