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Park Jin Young Taught English Online?

September 23, 2012 04:12 AM EDT

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Park Jin Young's past videos are now drawing attention.

Recently, someone uploaded a picture of Park Jin Young as an online English tutor on an online community with the title, 'JYP's Side Business.'

This was something that JYP Entertainment planned with an online education business called iNet School in 2009. This is one of his many 'JYP Music English' classes.

In the videos, Park Jin Young selects a particular pop song and dissects the lyrics of the song, which include many of the very common expressions and phrases used in everyday language in the States and explained every portion of the grammar as well. He also added stories about how he met these artists and also how he got his start in New York as well.

Internet users said, "I thought this was a fake picture, but can't believe it's real!," "He was an online tutor?," and "He said his dream was to be a teacher, I guess he got what he wanted!"

Park Jin Young is currently in the process of planning the debut for one of the contestants from "K-POP STAR."

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