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Martin Freeman Debuts On SNL As Bilbo Baggins Working For A Paper Firm; Skit Plays Out Like A Mini Episode Of 'The Office' [PHOTO]

By Marisa Lewis | December 14, 2014 12:23 PM EST

This past Saturday, "The Hobbit" star Martin Freeman made his debut on Saturday Night Live (SNL) as Bilbo Baggins working in an office setting for a paper firm. For those of you who may not know, Freeman also had a major television role as Tim Canterbury in the original BBC version of "The Office." As a result, this SNL skit effectively combined his two best known roles into one.

According to the Daily Mail, the skit was titled "The Office: Middle Earth," and had Freeman working under Gandalf, who was portrayed by cast member Bobby Moynihan. Freeman also worked alongside an Orc and Gollum, and even flirted with a half-elven receptionist.

Freeman spoke to the camera: "What have I been up to? We went on a quest, saved middle earth, became a bit of a hero, did the noble thing and turned down loads of treasure. So, the brave hobbit Bilbo Baggins now works at a paper company, selling paper over the phone, and I drive a Jetta."

He continued, "You don't choose the people you work with, or go on a quest with, so when you have a connection with someone that means something... There's now giant spiders in the parking lot. Great day."

Besides his Office-style skit, Freeman joked about how many people assume British celebrities know one another well. He stated, "I may not have seen William and Kate while they were here, but that's ok...I'll see them back in London for brunch next week. After we're going shopping with Daniel Radcliffe and then we're meeting up with Judi Dench and Harry Styles for tea and then we're going over to Mick Jagger's for a sleepover."

However, all jokes aside, he really is enjoying himself here in the states. He said, "It's great to be in New York at Christmas time and see all the quintessential American traditions; the Rockefeller Christmas tree, the Radio City Music Hall, the racial unrest. It truly is a magical time."

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