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Review: Korean Rapper Deepflow Keeps The Craig Mack Retro Hip-Hop Flava Alive On 'Lookin Good' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | February 18, 2015 09:32 PM EST

In the summer of 1994, New York rapper Craig Mack released a song that was to change the sound of hip-hop forever.

"Flava In Your Ear" has been often imitated in the two decades since its release, but as the saying goes, never duplicated.

Though it is far from a sound-alike, "Lookin Good," the new single released on Tuesday by Korean rapper Deepflow, revisits the groundbreaking sound that Mack created with exciting results.

Opening with a sample that appears to be from an American reality TV show, Deepflow is clearly rooted in the underground hip-hop tradition of whatever ingredients feel right, tradition and commercialism be damned.

His rhymes are quietly ferocious.

In verse after verse, Deepflow makes it clear that he is an artist that deserves an audience; despite the fact he has received minimal media attention in the West.

This could be due in part to the fact that Deepflow's last single "Deadline" featuring VEN, released in October, is less of a standout track (though quite catchy). But compared to the rapper's earlier work, "Lookin Good" is clearly a creative breakthrough for the artist.

Though the beat is not completely original in design, by turning his focus to an all-out hip-hop throwback Deepflow has found a sound that is the perfect vehicle for his relaxed delivery.

Though he will forever be a hip-hop legend, Craig Mack has never recaptured the breakout success he had with "Flava In Your Ear." After releasing his last official album, "Operation: Get Down" in 1997, he retreated from the recording industry for over a decade, returning in 2012 with a mixtape entitled "Operation Why2K?"

Let's hope Deepflow can at least stay in the rap game long enough to produce his own new flava for your ear.

Listen to "Lookin Good" the new single by Korean rapper Deepflow RIGHT HERE

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