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The 27th Samsung Golden Disk Awards: What A Night Is Like at the GDA?

January 23, 2013 09:33 AM EST

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MCs Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE) and Nicole (KARA) opened the award show with their individual stages. Different from his usual appearance, Jung Yong Hwa appeared on stage without his usual guitar to sing "Payphone" and even moved his body along with the backup dancers. Nicole, sexy and dazzling in a short white dress, captivated the fans when she danced to "Sexy Love".

Right after their opening performances, the MCs greeted the fans and went straight to introduce the first batch of awards, which was Album Bonsang, given to INFINITE and B1A4! INFINITE was the first group to perform that night, performing their hit songs "The Chaser" and "Paradise". They started the performance of "The Chaser" with black and white attire and when they performed "Paradise", they were only down to black wifebeaters, much the fans' delights! Next came B1A4, hyping up the crowd even more by performing "Baby Goodnight" and also their latest hit song, "Tried to Walk", in eye-catching red outfits.

The next set of awards were New Rising K-pop Star Awards, which were given to rookies who had shown promises in the music industry and they were EXO-K and Juniel! EXO-K performed their debut song, "MAMA", and in the middle of song, they were joined by their other counterpart, EXO-M. And together, they also performed "History". Juniel, who looked cute in a light green dress and holding a guitar, performed her latest hit, "Bad Guy". Lee Jong Hyun, of CNBLUE, her labelmate senior, joined Juniel on stage for a medley performance of both their hit songs, "Illa Illa" and "My Love".

NFINITE, Best Dance Performance (HyunA & Jang Hyunseung) and also Next Generation Star (BTOB). HyunA & Jang Hyunseung heated up the night even more with their sexy performance of "Troublemaker", followed by BTOB who got the crowd going insane with their hits, "Insane" and "Wow"!

FTISLAND was up next as another winner for Album Bonsang. Known for their rock style, FTISLAND totally rocked the night away with a string of their hits such as "Live", "Severely" and "I Wish". MC Jung Yong Hwa even attempted to show the "lonely, lonely" shoulder dance made popular by fellow labelmate, Lee Hongki.

Super Junior was then announced as the winner for MSN Southeast Asia Award, while CNBLUE and KARA nabbed the awards for Malaysia's Most Favourite! Next special stage was performances by EXO, BTOB and B1A4, where they brought the theme of Legends of Kpop and sang 90s hit songs from the likes of H.O.T and Sech Kies.

4minute and CNBLUE won the next batch of Album Bonsang Awards. 4minute, with their pretty blouse and long skirt ensemble, made the crowd wilder with their performance of "Volume Up" and "Hot Issue" while CNBLUE rocked the stage with their own performance of "Hey You" and a new arrangement for "Intuition".

With fans getting more hyped up and fanchants getting louder, three more awards were announced. The JTBC Best Artist Award was given to BEAST and Most Popular Star Award was given to SHINee! The next award was Best Producer Award, which was given to Han Seong Ho, of FNC Entertainment. FNC Entertainment's  artists, FTISLAND, CNBLUE and Juniel were also present on the stage when the CEO of their agency received the award.

Next, BEAST and KARA were announced as the winners for Album Bonsang. BEAST performed two songs, "Special" and "Beautiful Night" and their performance was hot! Up next was KARA with "Pandora", "Jumping" and "Step". During "Pandora" performance, there was a technical error and the girls apologized profusely to the audience and performed the song once again. They were sweating due to the heat but remained amazingly professional to entertain their adoring fans.

The last batch of Album Bonsang went to Super Junior and SHINee! The first song that Super Junior performed was "Bonamana", followed by Eunhyuk and Donghae's song "Oppa Oppa" which was first performed by the two of them and then later on joined by the other members for "Sexy, Free and Single". SHINee closed the night's performance by performing "Lucifer" and "Sherlock". Despite it being nearly the end of the show, the crowd was still hyper and happily dancing and chanting away to SHINee.

Finally, for the grand finale of the night, Super Junior was announced as the winner for the Album Daesang for their album Sexy, Free and Single. Congratulations to every winners and for making the night a hot, memorable night for Malaysian K-Pop fans!

Reporters: Aisyah Roslan, Nik Fatimah, Ain Osman | Writer: Aisyah Roslan

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