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Wonder Girls-Girls' Generation Pose with Bride Sun, 'Luminous Beauty'

January 29, 2013 07:53 AM EST

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Wonder Girls-Girls' Generation Pose with Bride Sun, 'Luminous Beauty' / Credit: d

Groups Wonder Girls and Girls' Generation's picture with bride Sun was revealed online.

Recently on an online community board, a picture of the two groups with the bride gained much attention.

Two different pictures are currently up online, one being, 'Wonder Girls with Sun' and the other being, 'Bride Sun and Girls' Generation'.

The pictures revealed are from Wonder Girls' Sun's wedding on January 26. The pictures are of the group visiting the waiting room to take a picture with Sun.

In the pictures, Sun is sitting in the middle with her wedding dress while the members of Wonder Girls sit around her with smiling faces. Even former Wonder Girls' member Sun Mi is seen in the picture as well.

In the other picture, Sun and Girls' Generation are seen linking arms and smiling at the camera.

Internet users commented, "Having both groups together looks good", "Hope their friendship never changes" and "They are all so pretty."

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