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SHINee Members Playfully Interact With Cardboard Minho During 'Ask In A Box' Interview

By Elsa B. | May 31, 2015 07:59 PM EDT

SHINee appeared in 1theK's special ASK IN A BOX interview show to answer questions from national and international fans. The members discussed their latest album, odd characteristics, and what makes them feel like seniors in the entertainment industry.

In typical SHINee fashion, the members began the interview by asking a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Minho to show his flaming charisma to the camera. Minho could not be present for the interview because of his filming schedule and the members were quick to make jokes with his paper replacement.

When the members were asked how "View" was chosen as the title song, Taemin explained, "At first, there were four candidates for the title song. The members collectively chose 'View' among them."

Jonghyun continued, "The title song was chosen so carefully that the members went on a vote. We focused on expressing youth rather than masculinity. We tried to focus on showing a freewheeling style that suits well with all our ages."

Since it's rare for SHINee to shoot music videos outside of professional studios, the members were asked how they felt shooting outdoors for their comeback single.

Taemin stated, "The music video was completely shot in Thailand. SHINee is used to filming MVs mainly with group choreography. It was impressive to watch the members act out their feelings."

Key added, "There's a lot of delicious food in Thailand. I fell in love with the Southeast Asian food."

When the topic switched to odd behaviors, Onew was quick to admit that he had the strangest sleeping habits. He revealed, "People say I talk and snore while sleeping."

Check out the full interview below!


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