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U-KISS Describes Their Musical Influences [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

By Staff Writer | June 10, 2015 09:50 AM EDT

U-KISS spoke with KpopStarz Japan about the music that inspired them. This is the fourth part of a five-part interview:

Q: By the way, can you tell me about your musical influences when you first became interested in music.  What kind of genres have you listened to?

A: Hoon: It was rock music that I listened for the first time.

Everybody: Wow! Rock?

Hoon: It was BUZZ, a Korean rock band. I liked the high-pitched voice and the shouting. After that, I started to listen to ballad songs that made me feel easy and comfortable. I was a ballad singer until I joined in this group.

Kevin: I began it with pop music. I really liked Backstreet Boys who is a famous singer in America.  I was influenced by his song, "Shape Of My Heart." And then I listened to R&B, HIP HOP and K-pop. When I first listened to Seven and Rain's music, I felt like, Wow it's awesome. I immediately became a their big fan and had a hope to be the one of K-pop group members.  That's U-KISS

Soo Hyun: It was K-pop at first. I had interest in K-pop ballad songs from the beginning. When I was a middle school student, Tohoshinki  made their debut. I really love their dance songs and also the a cappella as well. Then, I listened to ballad songs by Bum-Soo Kim and R&B. I liked Neo and listened to his music again and again. These days, it's all about the song "Action" by U-KISS.

Jun: My story is a little similar to Kevin's. I loved the rhythm of Music Soulchild and listened to it almost every days. Then I was interested in dance music especially Michael Jackson.

Kevin: yeah~(imitates Michael Jacson)

Everybody: yeah! (each person imitates him)

Jun: And then K-pop. It was U-KISS. The first song that I listened to was  when I was no longer a kid. I really liked the rap Irai did. Even now, for me, it's U-KISS.

Ki Seop: When I was a middle school student, Tohoshinki and Super junior made their debut. I started to search them after I watched a variety show that they appeared on. As I was listening to their music, I liked them more and more. I had a dream to become a K-pop star. And now it's U-KISS

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