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ELLE KOREA Beauty Director Migu Kim Talks Latest K-Beauty Trends: Find Out What Gianna Jun, Park Soo Jin, And Gong Hyu Jin Are Making Popular!

By Sara Guaglione | June 23, 2015 05:35 PM EDT

Peach & Lily chatted with ELLE KOREA's Beauty Director, Migu Kim, and asked her about the latest K-beauty trends. Migu Kim noted that Gianna Jun, Park Soo Jin, and Gong Hyu Jin are all trendsetters when it comes to a new craze!

Peach & Lily's blog, a website that sells Korean beauty and skincare products in the US, caught up with Migu Kim before she headed to the Chanel Cruise Seoul Resort 2016 show.

Kim stated that a big beauty trend in K-beauty right now is "strong lips."

She said "Gianna Jun's lipstick, Park Soo Jin's lip tint, Gong Hyu Jin's lipstick" have really influenced the Korean beauty market, and these celebrities "make these lipsticks so popular that they sell out multiple times over."

Kim also said that Korean women want "a natural and sophisticated look," so makeup that helps give them the look of healthy and flawless skin are very popular, such as foundation and cushion compacts.

For eyes, K-beauty "eye shading makeup" is the latest trend, which uses colors in tones of brown, gold and beige to make eyes look natural but bigger and "helps keep their lips the focal point."

Kim said that personally, she couldn't live without her Hera Mist Cushion Compact.

Her "dry, sensitive (and complicated) skin," means that her skincare routine requires products that are hydrating and moisturizing.

"I use light hydrating essences and creams. After I shower and before my skin dries, I use a cotton pad to apply my first essence and pat it in to ensure my skin absorbs it. Then I use a hydrating essence followed by a moisturizing cream. Depending on my skin condition - like occasional blemishes or dry skin - I add essences with brightening and anti-aging functions to supplement my regular products," she explained.

Kim believes the biggest difference between K-beauty and the rest of the world's beauty and skincare products is that Korean products cater to particular skin concerns that Korean women may have. For example, "products for AM/PM, seasons, and skin conditions." "Most Korean women are so knowledgeable and savvy about skincare, and they invest a lot of effort in skincare, which is their strength and what drives the impetus for K-beauty innovation. There are products only for under the eyes, sheet masks for fine lines, sleeping packs, carbonated cleansers, etc., etc., and they're all developed to cater to the sharp and keen senses of Korean women," Kim said.

You heard it, ladies! To be a K-beauty trendsetter, focus on hydrated, even skin, and grab your cushion compact and bright lip color!

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