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Salma Hayek And Jimmy Fallon Play 'Pup Quiz' On 'The Tonight Show'! Winner Takes Home An Adorable Puppy!

By Sunshine Navarro | August 08, 2015 09:48 PM EDT

Salma Hayek appeared on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon, and according to Daily Mail, the actress looked stunning in a haltered purple jump suit.

The 48-year-old actress has been making the rounds of talk shows to promote her new animated adaptation of "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran. She produced the film, which also stars the voices of Liam Neeson and John Krasinski.

"The Prophet" is based on the 1923 book that consists 26 prose poetry essays. However, according to Hayek's interview with Fallon, the film adaptation will supposedly feature eight segments that will be helmed by different directors.

Viewers of Fallon's late-night show know that the host always makes up crazy games that his guests have no choice but to participate in, and Hayek was no exception.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Salma Hayek and Jimmy Fallon played for puppy love in a game called "Pup Quiz", which Steven Higgins hosted.

The game required Hayek and Fallon to answer animal-related trivia questions. The prize was apparently an adorable Golden Retriever puppy. If a player answers wrong, the opponent gets the chance to cuddle with the prize puppy.

For the game, Fallon and Hayek sat on massive recliners, thereby maximizing the potential for puppy love.

It appeared that Hayek knows her dogs, as she correctly answered the questions about the Basenji breed, which supposedly does not bark. The actress eventually won the game.

"The Tonight Show" was Hayek's final stop on Thursday for her promotional trail. Earlier in the day, she appeared at AOL's Build Speaker Series and at the Apple Store.

USA Today noted that "Pup Quiz" was such a genius idea. The whole 'cuddling a puppy' as a prize for answering correctly apparently beat all other game shows as far as the cuteness factor goes.

Salma Hayek and Jimmy Fallon appeared to have enjoyed the game, too, judging by the smiles on their faces and their reactions as they played the game.

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