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Editor's Pick: Fall In Love With South Korean Folk Singer Fromm's Enchanting New Single 'Moonlight Dancing' [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | August 11, 2015 07:08 PM EDT

From scribes to DJs to Hollywood hucksters, there has been no shortage of discussion over the years about what makes a song the perfect soundtrack for love. Though in the end, it's difficult to argue against the fact that the answer lies in the eyes of the beholders.

Who's to say you can't fall in love to a slammin' Public Enemy jam, or for that matter, a stupid John Denver track?

If you have ever experienced anything even close to that proverbial poetic subject it is difficult not to be have your heartstrings tugged at by "Moonlight Dancing," the latest single from South Korean folk singer-songwriter Fromm, released on July 31.

With inventive musical accompaniment that includes synth strings, trumpets and tablas, Fromm manages to reference fellow K-folk artists like IU and Lim Kim, while also revealing a resounding reverence for Western vocalists like Regina Spektor and Feist. There is also the influence of male fronted indie bands like The Thrills or Alexander.

Without knowing a word of Korean, it is not hard to discern that there are stars in Fromm's eyes, from your first listen of "Moonlight Dancing." There is that feeling that creeps up from some place far away, before hitting you like a freight train.

The song's lyrics, a whimsical description of pining for the times you get to spend with your romantic counterpart, confirm what you probably would think they would mean in a charming and inventive way. But it is the honesty in Fromm's performance that makes "Moonlight Dancing" something special.

And whether or not this artist's career takes off in the way she truly deserves for it to, far more than most multiplatinum-selling men and women, Fromm clearly has seen true love, because, no one could fake it like this.

Watch the music video for Fromm's new single "Moonlight Dancing" RIGHT HERE

[MV] Fromm (프롬) - Moonlight Dancing (달밤댄싱) by am221

Watch a live performance of Fromm appearing on the Airirang network program "Simply K-Pop" RIGHT HERE

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