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Wonder Girls Discuss Former Members And Sunmi's Return

By Tamar Herman | September 11, 2015 09:19 AM EDT

Wonder Girls recently said in an interview that the members understood what led to former members leaving the group.

In an interview with a Korean media outlet, the K-pop quartet spoke about their recent "Reboot" album, and the departures of two of the group's original members. Wonder Girls said that they respected the wishes of the pair.

Sunny and Sohee left the group in order to pursue their dreams, Wonder Girls said.

"Shoe and Sunye did their best and we had a long conversation," said Yeeun. "They said they could no longer join us. Sunye had a dream of becoming a missionary and Sohee wanted to be an actress. We were also aware of their dreams."

"We wanted to continue to work together," said Hyerim. "Still, this is not something we can force because they had what they really wanted."

In 2012, Sunye got married in Canada and began missionary work in Haiti with her husband.

Sohee left Wonder Girls to pursue her acting career, after her contract with Wonder Girls' company, JYP Entertainment, expired in 2013.

JYP Entertainment confirmed in July that both Sunye and Sohee had officially left Wonder Girls.

The quartet also discussed the return of member Sunmi to Wonder Girls. Sunmi had debuted with the group, but left in 2010 to focus on her academic career and debut as a soloist.

"Wonder Girls was like my hometown where I had to return," Sunmi said. "I thank my members who kept waiting for and supporting me."

"We also thank Sunmi because her solo career was successful," Yeun added. "Since we prepared for the new album, she gave up her solacer to practice bass guitar."

Wonder Girls returned to the K-pop scene in August with a brand new band concept and their third album, "Reboot."

-Tamar Herman is a multi-media journalist and the co-founder of KultScene. She is a freelance writer and copy editor, and has written for MTV Iggy and Noisey

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