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'Big Hero 6' Sequel Confirmed! More On Tadashi And Film's Release Date

By Kristina Jacomina | September 29, 2015 03:12 PM EDT

“Big Hero 6” sequel is happening but what is really going to take place in the “Big Hero 7” film?

The computer animated superhero film was a big success for Disney. It earned over $657 million worldwide and became the highest-grossing animated film of last year. It also won a number of different awards and an Academy Award is one of them.

This success also stirred rumors of a “Big Hero 6” sequel and it started with the theories that Tadashi is still alive and would comeback with super powers. These fan theories and rumors have not yet been confirmed by Disney, however it should be noted that “Big Hero 6” is a Marvel title so there should be something about the Tadashi theory.

According to Crossmap, Tadashi would be allegedly returning as Sunfire and will have the power to absorb heat and transform that heat into plasma. While speculations that Hiro’s brother would be returning as an antagonist are buzzing about on the Internet, these are a just rumors and fan theories.

What is confirmed though is the release date of the “Big Hero 6” sequel. The confirmation comes from Stan Lee as he unknowingly hinted on Toronto Sun, “ After ‘Ant-Man’ we’re going to star playing around with ‘Doctor Strange,’ ‘The Black Panther,’ ‘The Inhumans,’ and then we have to come back for ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2,’ ‘Big Hero 6,’ ‘the Avengers’ and ‘Captain America.’

Another confirmation of the sequel was in Baymax’s interview on USA Today as he mentions that Hiro will be making upgrades to the huggable robot and that he is learning how to laugh. While this may seem like a vague hint, it seems that Baymax still has a lot of adventures to go on and hints at a sequel movie.

Crossmap reported that the possible release date of the “Big Hero 6” sequel would happen around 2018 since, based on Stan Lee’s statement, there is still the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” film.

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