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‘Narcos’ Season 2 Release Date Set In August 2016; Series, An Insult To Colombia’s History?

By Jen Mendoza | November 14, 2015 09:56 PM EST

The realease date for the highly-acclaimed American crime drama TV series Narcos was reportedly set in August 2016.

According to Christian Today, this is just a speculation considering that Netfix is yet to announce the official premiere date.

The report noted that since the first season was released in August this year, it is anticipated that the second season would also be released around that time next year.

"However, there may be a need for shuffling the schedule a bit given that Netflix will see the launch of several new shows such as the Marvel series' 'Luke Cage,' 'Daredevil' season 2, 'Iron Fist' and more," the report stated with regard to the Narcos season 2 airing. "Netflix will also have to give room to launch other series such as 'Orange is the New Black' season 4."

Such explanation was made since previous release date speculations were pegged to be around summer of 2016.

In the meantime, reported that Juan Pablo Escobar, son of the infamous druglord from Medellin, exclaimed that the series "is an insult to Colombia's history and to the thousands of victims of drug-trafficking."

He pointed out as well that the Netflix series "is motivated by political interests and does not properly reflect the reality of Colombia."

"First, they should include chapters showing how the [U.S.] Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) charged my dad 'taxes' so he could send cocaine to the U.S. territory via Miami International Airport," he reportedly disclosed.

Furthermore, Escobar said that he even offered his services as consultant of the show. It was not cited, though, if the offer would just be for the current season or including the upcoming Narcos season 2. However, he said, its Brazilian director Jose Padilha "refused."

The report claimed that Padilha "has suggested Escobar's offspring do not know as much as they think," adding that "The drug lord's children 'were not fully aware of what was going on with their father.'"

Keep posted for more Narcos season 2 updates!


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