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Becky G Sends Her I Love You' To Austin Mahone? Fans Of The Singer Exes Think So!

By Marishen Lyle Primero Malulan | November 19, 2015 08:05 PM EST

As reported by Seventeen, the "Break A Sweat" singer recently posted on social media a picture with the words "I love you" written on a glass window.

"Remember that," she captioned on the said photo on Instagram.

Although the "Break A Sweat" singer did not name any names on the post, fans were quick to speculate that the post may be referring to her ex-boyfriend - the "Dirty Work" singer. A number of her fans apparently concluded that she may not be over Mahone just yet. Most of the comments on the photo were either a "Becstin forever" or a tag to Mahone.

There were some though that think that the post was not meant for the "Dirty Work" singer. Others even simply just posted an "I love you" back to the "Break A Sweat" singer.

Becky G and Austin Mahone broke up just last August after just a few months of dating. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the "Dirty Work" singer explained that they were both busy with their thriving careers but have remained friends.

"We actually kinda broke up a few days ago, just 'cause we're so busy traveling and all that," Mahone told the source above in August. "We thought it was just kinda best if we just chill for a second, but we're still super close. We're close friends."

Following the breakup though, the "Shower" singer did seemingly admit feeling stressed but happy because of the split.

"Guys I'm fine!" she tweeted as quoted by Hollywood Life in August. "I'm happy! I'm going on TOUR!! It's just stressful. But I promise I'm good :) love you guys."

With just three months since their split, Becky G and Austin Mahone continue to make their fans hope and swoon. In September, they had a Twitter exchange about attending the "Shower" singer's concert. In October, a picture of the exes hanging out with their friends also surfaced on the Internet.

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