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Review: Risso Continues Her Inventive Run Of Electrofunk Releases On 'A Little Bit More' By Humming Urban Stereo's Z.LINN [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | November 19, 2015 07:34 PM EST

For any Humming Urban Stereo fans that are finding that the single "A Little Bit More," released Wednesday by South Korean vocalist Risso, sounds vaguely familiar, the effect is completely natural.

Written and produced by Humming Urban Stereo, (aka Z.LINN aka Lee Jeereen), "A Little Bit More" features the rich layers of vintage synthesizers and popping melodies that have become the group's trademark.

Risso is a different kind of singer than Jeereen's gifted musical collaborators of the past like Shina-E or the late Lee "Humming Girl" Jin Hwa, but in her own distinct way, her melodious sound, dulled slightly with a subtle rasp, is the perfect vehicle for his consistently fresh songwriting.

In her relatively short span on Humming Urban Stereo's Waltzsofa record label, Risso has already released a thoroughly compelling body of work, with her EP "Tra La La," released on June 11, one of the most exciting collections of electropop in a year in which the Korean music scene has been heavy on electropop.

As a synth-driven dance chanteuse, Risso has the rare combination of strong, domineering confidence and an ability to appear understated and vulnerable.

She also clearly knows how to surround herself with exactly the right people.

It is always a rare treat when any fresh Daheen material appears. The way the gifted producer cuts up his compositions with the aforementioned stacks of keyboards, pulsing programmed drum loops, electric guitars and bass.

If you ask me, he just found the newest member of the Humming Urban Stereo crew. Bring this party to New York City soon guys, okay?

Listen to South Korean vocalist Risso's new single "A Little Bit More" written by Humming Urban Stereo RIGHT HERE

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