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Korean-American Rock Band Royal Pirates Bring New Sound With Latest EP '3.3'

By Sharon G. | December 06, 2015 02:53 PM EST

Korean-American pop rock band Royal Pirates returned on Dec. 1 with their latest album, a six-track EP titled 3.3.

On 3.3, the group continues to develop their unique music style by adding in a wealth of musical elements to the different tracks.

"Let U Go" starts off 3.3 flawlessly with Royal Pirates' trademark pop-rock sounds, but soon breaks out of the set mold and blossoms into a unique new sound. Once the chorus hits you'll lose any semblance of control when it comes to your head bobbing. 

The electronic atmosphere of "Too Fast" brilliantly begins to introduce the audience to the band's new EDM endeavor. Around the 2:57 mark the song falls into a more house feel but soon returns to its catchy chorus.

Not only does "Run Away" establish Royal Pirates as force to be reckoned with, but solidifies their place as one of the top bands in K-Pop. The catchy chorus as well as its various synths makes the lead single a distinctive creation indeed. Did anyone else have a mini musical heart attack at 2:22?

"U & I" slows down the album a bit with a bit of new age funk. The track allows for a relaxed instance to take in all the different elements placed within the song, from the funky bass guitar to the brass trumpets in the background.

The album isn't of course flawless. "Dangerous" is the black sheep of 3.3, with not much to offer other than an interesting look at their musical astuteness. Similarly, "Without You" starts off with the power ballad feels right away. The toned down pacing is a complete contrast from the beginning of the album that leaves you wanting more.

As whole 3.3 is an amazing accomplishment for Royal Pirates. Their sound has evolved into a more distinctive EDM filled goodness that is sure to stick around for a long time.

Check out Royal Pirates' comeback single "Run Away" below!

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