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Becky G Hints Austin Mahone Relationship Details? Reveals She Has No Time For A Boyfriend?

By Marishen Lyle Primero Malulan | December 02, 2015 11:12 AM EST

Becky G may be enjoying a lot of success at the moment when it came to her career but the "Break A Sweat" singer recently opened up about how "sucky" her love life has been to the points of almost purportedly hinting the reason behind her split with Austin Mahone.

In a report on J-14, it was speculated that the "Break A Sweat" singer might have split with the "Dirty Work" singer because of some differences in their lives specifically how much she gives when she loves. The hint was mentioned when she was asked by a magazine how much she appreciated being a Latina.

"It means a lot to me to be Latina," she told Vibe magazine. "I think our culture is very beautiful. I think our language is very beautiful. I think we're very passionate people. We love to love and that's very beautiful. But it's also very sucky sometimes because when it comes to my love life, I'm always like ehh this sucks, because not a lot of people have the same in common.

Becky G did not directly say whom she was talking about during the interview but Austin Mahone has been the only one she has dated so far that the public knew about.

Although struggling with her love life in finding someone that loves just as much as she does, the "Break A Sweat" singer also revealed that she has no time for a man at the moment. But all she does experience, she spills in her music.

"But I can't really apply it to my career because I'm never going to have time to be with anybody," Austin Mahone's ex Becky G told Time. "As a teenage girl, I want to have a cute boyfriend! But I don't got time for one. When you do have one, it's great, but then you're in this tug between [work and your relationship]. I'm taking that inspiration, being super honest about it and applying it to my music. It's so relatable."

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