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SM Entertainment Keeps Fans Guessing With 'Winter Garden' Project Teaser

By Tara Edwards | December 04, 2015 09:57 AM EST

Now that it's December, it's safe to say that many people have begun to get into the Holiday spirit with music, decorations, and of course, shopping.

After all, who wants to miss out on a good deal?

K-pop is no exception to the holiday spirit, with Girls' Generation sub-unit Taetiseo and EXO both releasing Christmas-themed songs this month. According to reports however, SM Entertainment appears to have much more in store related to the holidays. The company recently revealed a special photo teaser for a "Winter Garden" project.

Little information was revealed about the "Winter Garden" project, but fans are already attempting to make sense of the cryptic numbers on the photo, 15, 18, and 22.

"It's possibly Taemin or f(x). Taemin's debut age was 15, his Japanese debut was at 18, and right now he's 22. F(x)'s ages when they debuted were 15 for Krystal, Luna and Amber were 18, and Victoria was 22," said PoroLover12.

Other fans are less the detective and are instead just happy that SM Entertainment is releasing another Christmas album.

"Yas! It's been too long. The last winter album they had was in 2011. I'm even more excited for Christmas now," said snsdtwinkle.

Though there's no certainty yet about "The Winter Garden" album, fans can already get into the spirit with TaeTiSeo's "Dear Santa" single that was released Dec. 3. "Dear Santa" was released in both English and Korean. The group will also release a six-track mini-album with the same title.

Meanwhile, EXO is set to release a new single entitled "Sing for you." The group recently revealed individual photo teasers for the song featuring the members in winter attire as snow falls in a black and white aesthetic.

With several winter-themed songs scheduled, it certainly seems that the holiday spirit has landed at SM Entertainment.

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