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Zico Tells The Story Of A Young Rapper Through His Latest EP 'Gallery'

By Sharon G. | December 17, 2015 10:19 AM EST

Block B's fantastic leader and rapper, Zico, finally dropped his Gallery EP on Dec. 7.

From the beginning the young rapper demands the attention of the audience with his unwavering rap and bombastic bangs. "Veni Vidi Vici" reveals how much the young rapper has evolved through time, from being excited to have a part in a drama to becoming of K-Hip-Hop mastermind. The lyrics remain true to the famous quote: "I came, I saw, I conquered." Beware the ides of March Zico!

The sound of horns throughout the song gives "Eureka" attitude and a wild personality. Zico along with Zion.T sing/rap about finally finding the girl that will solves all their problems.

In "Pride & Prejudice" the album slows down give a more emotional delivery. Zico's feelings about being in love are clouded with the stories he hears from everyone else. He doesn't want a relationship full of lies and is afraid to share his feelings with those closest to him. Suran's voice is a nice change to the feel of Gallery, giving it a more gentle touch that is genuine and mature.

"Boys And Girls" is a silly song with playful lyrics about having a good time and not being judged.

The aggressiveness of "Day" is destabilizing since it follows "Boys And Girls", but is delivered powerfully nonetheless. JTONG's rap is a scattered amazing mess after Zico's clear and concise deliveries. To the non-Hangul ear it seems that both rappers are in a constant war against each other without a clear winner.

"Yes Or No" closes Gallery perfectly as it summarizes what the entire album has been about. Zico is here to dominate. Charts, clothing, and money don't matter, only the craft behind it does.

Gallery solidifies Zico as one of the Korean industry's top rappers. Looking forward to his future accomplishments!

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