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Beenzino Delivers One Of The Best K-Hip-Hop Performances Of 2015 During New York City Tour Stop

By Adrienne Stanley | December 30, 2015 11:40 AM EST

Illionaire Records rapper Beenzino delivered one of the most brilliant U.S. hip-hop performances with his December 12 show at the New York City music venue Stage 48.

The show kicked off with a slight delay at 7:50 p.m., but the patient crowd was set ablaze by the hot tracks delivered by the preceding DJ.

Beenzino previously performed in the New York City as part of the 2014 Illionaire Tour and had an opportunity to briefly woo Big Apple audiences during his "Up All Night" album release party.

While he is an accomplished ensemble artist, he truly shines as a solo rapper.

He opened with "Jackson Pollack D*ck" from his album, "Up All Night" before segueing into "Nike Shoes." His strong suit lies within the juxtaposition of saucy lyrics and his rapid-fire flow, with both elements present in his opening numbers.

Hip-hop shows often skimp on providing meaty songs, instead favoring live collaborative tracks that sometimes diminish the vocals of individual rappers. Beenzino avoided this trap by crafting his own spin on songs that he where was previously featured like "I Get Lifted," Junggigo's "Your Body," and the Epik High hit, "Born Hater."  

The hype beats continued to flow with "I Get Lifted," after he poised to greet the holiday season crowd. "I Get Lifted" capitalized on the recorded musical track, providing a juxtaposition to the big band, jazz-infused sound that inspired that Peejay release.

He followed with "Your Body," which drove the audience wild, before embarking onto an unending flurry of rap goodness on "How Do I Look" and the ode to insanity, "Mitch as F*ck."

"Mitch as F*ck" exemplifies the brilliance of Korean hip-hop, as it incorporates the eerie melodies that have helped to make Trap a mainstream staple.

During his show, New York was experiencing unseasonably warm weather, which made his inclusion of his track, "Summer Madness," more than appropriate.

The evening began to draw to a close as he delivered other gems including his 2013 single, "We Are Going To," "If I Die Tonight," as well as, "Boogie On and On."

He capped off with the night with "Dali Van Picasso," leaving concertgoers at Stage 48 yearning for more.

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