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B.A.P Discuss Long-Awaited 'Matrix' Comeback In @Star1 Interview

By Elsa B. | January 10, 2016 02:20 PM EST

B.A.P starred in "American Boy Explosion" for the January issue of @Star1.

The six members looked comfortable in matching winter ensembles by brands like Beyond Closet and J.W. Anderson. According to the magazine, despite their great confidence and passion for music, the idols have a "boyish" charm and endless "brilliant youth."

During the interview, one of the group's primary rappers and the youngest member, Zelo, revealed his thoughts on the group's year long hiatus. Various news outlets reported that the band had filed a lawsuit against their entertainment company, TS Entertainment, on Nov. 12, 2014. The members remained inactive until they reached a settlement with the company and made a comeback on Nov. 15, 2015.

Zelo stated, "People around us said that it was a good thing to go through hardships early on, but the long hiatus was really rough. Still, I'm thankful to my hyungs for leading well."

Meanwhile, B.A.P's other rapper and designated leader Bang Yongguk discussed the inspiration behind the group's latest mini-album Matrix.

"It's filled with stories about B.A.P's youth." He explained. "It was an album that I produced, but I didn't think that its success or failure was in my hands. That's why I didn't feel pressure."

The new year will surely be very busy for the group. TS Entertainment recently revealed that B.A.P plans to release their first Japanese album this March.


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