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Review: Lucky J Combines The Best Of Then And Now On The Epic Showstopper 'No Love' [VIDEO]

By John Chiaverina | January 13, 2016 02:34 PM EST

South Korean hip hop group Lucky J released their latest single "No Love" on Friday.

A hard-hitting track, "No Love" melds a melody from the traditional Korean string instrument Haegeum with shiny synth work and modern rap drums, creating an anthemic and unforced fusion that at once looks to the past and present.

There is something uplifting about this combination, especially when combined with the deeply emotional piano runs that happen throughout the song.

Consisting of members who consist of the members J'kyun, Jessi and J-Yo, Lucky J know how to create a composition that tugs at the heartstrings but still beats like a rap song.

A lot of people like to make fun of contemporary Eminem. At his best, however, his more recent singles capture the power of an arena rock band like Journey, albeit in hip hop form. "No Love" hits similar pleasure points. Drums pound like a Southern version of Bon Jovi while the sample and synths keep things anthemic enough for you to put your hands in the air and keep them there for the duration of the song.

This is stadium music.

Vocals are both sung and rapped, the interplay of which adds to the tune's overall feel of pure release. The band members' performances display a fragility while at the same time staying tough as nails--an encapsulation of the entire human experience seen through the lens of one K-pop tune.

"No Love" hits similar marks as Lucky J's 2014 single "Can You Hear Me," but the addition of a traditional Korean string instrument like Haegeum offers up another level of sophistication to the group's pop hip-hop fist pumpers.

A great rap group is a hard thing to come by. A great rap trio that melds hip-hop with R&B is even harder. Lucky J take this musical legacy and combine it with a bit of their own to make something with universal appeal.

As it turns out, "No Love" actually has quite a lot to offer the listener.

Watch the music video for "No Love" by Lucky J RIGHT HERE

John Chiaverina is a musician and journalist living in New York City. He has performed in over 18 countries, including two tours of South Korea, under the name "Juiceboxxx."

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