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A New Fan's Guide To EXO: Who's Who In K-Pop's Hottest Boy Band

By Staff Writer | January 31, 2016 05:29 PM EST

2016 has already seen some great Korean acts make their way over to North America for concerts, and now one of the most popular groups in K-pop is joining the scene. SM Entertainment's boy band EXO is bringing their bringing their EXO PLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion tour to five different North American cities in February, and many of their ardent fans will be heading to the shows.

EXO debuted under SM Entertainment with 12 members in 2012 and have become one of K-pop's most popular groups, with hits like "Growl" and "Call Me Baby." Following several member departures and absences, it may be confusing for newer fans. So, in case you need a refresher of which of these handsome men are which, our guide to EXO's members will sure to be of help.

Name: Suho

Birth Name: Kim Jun Myeon

Age: 24


Role: Leader and vocalist

Elemental Power Based On EXO Mythology: Water

Individual Projects: Appeared in the dramas "To The Beautiful You," "Prime Minister and I," "EXO Next Door," and the film "One Way Trip." He also voiced a character in the 2013 animated film, "Saving Santa," and appeared in the SM Entertainment "School Oz" hologram musical.

Notable Facts: Was cast by SM Entertainment when he was 16. Known for coming from a wealthy background.

Name: Xiumin

Birth Name: Kim Min Seok

Age: 25


Role: Lead vocalist and dancer

Elemental Power Based On EXO Mythology: Frost

Individual Projects: Appeared in dramas "EXO Next Door" and "Falling For Challenge," the film "Kim Seon Dal," and the SM hologram musical "School Oz." He also appeared in multiple music videos.

Notable Facts: Oldest member of EXO. Korean member of EXO-M subgroup. Known as "Baozi" (steamed bun) for his round cheeks.

Name: Lay

Birth Name: Zhang Yixing

Age: 24


Role: Main dancer and vocalist

Elemental Power Based On EXO Mythology: Healing

Individual Projects: Has appeared in the dramas "To Be A Better Man," "Exo Next Door," and "Old Nine Gates," and the films "SMTOWN The Stage," "Ex Files 2: The Backup STraikes Back," "Oh My God," "Kung Fu Yoga" and the planned "Unexpected Love."

Notable Facts: Wrote EXO's "Promise 2014" and composed several other songs. Lay has an individual studio, Zhang Yixing Studio, in China that handles his Chinese promotions. He is one of China's most popular rising stars. Lay will not be attending EXO's North American tour due to his personal projects.

Name: Baekhyun

Birth Name: Byun Baek Hyun

Age: 23

Role: Main vocalist


Elemental Power Based On EXO Mythology: Light

Individual Projects: Appeared in "Exo Next Door" and upcoming drama "Moon Lovers." He starred in the role of Don Lockwood in "Singing' in the Rain" in 2014.

Notable Facts: Achieved number 1 on Korean music charts with collaborative track "Dream" along with miss A's Suzy. Has black belt in hapkido.

Name: Chen

Birth Name: Kim Jong Dae

Age: 23

Role: Main vocalist


Elemental Power Based On EXO Mythology: Lightning

Individual Projects: Appeared in "EXO Next Door" and made his musical debut in 2015's "In The Heights" as Benny. He is a member of SM The Ballad, and released a song on the soundtrack of the popular 2014 drama "It's Okay, That's Love."

Notable Facts: Has the highest vocal range among EXO. Korean member of EXO-M subgroup.

Name: Chanyeol

Birth Name: Park Chan Yeol

Age: 23

Role: Rapper


Elemental Power Based On EXO Mythology: Flame

Individual Projects: Featured rapper on songs by Henry Lau, Zhou Mi, and Heize. Co-wrote EXO's "Run" and "Promise." Appeared in films "Salut d'Amour" and "So I Married My Anti-Fan" and dramas "High Kick!", "Royal Villa," and "EXO Next Door."

Notable Facts: Nicknamed "happy virus" by fans for his bright personality.

Name: D.O

Birth Name: Do Kyung Soo

Age: 23

Role: Main Vocalist


Elemental Power Based On EXO Mythology: Earth

Individual Projects: Appeared in films "Cart," "Pure Love," "Older Brother" and upcoming "Underdog," and dramas "It's Okay, That's Love," "EXO Next Door," and "I Remember You."

Notable Facts: Rising actor and singer in South Korea.

Name: Kai

Birth Name: Kim Jong In

Age: 22

Role: Dancer and rapper


Elemental Power Based On EXO Mythology: Teleportation

Individual Projects: Appeared in "To The Beautiful You," "EXO Next Door" and upcoming "Choco Bank" dramas. Member of SM Entertainment's Younique Unit.

Notable Facts: First member of EXO introduced to the public and seen as the "face" of the group.

Name: Sehun

Birth Name: Oh Se Hun

Age: 21

Role: Lead dancer and rapper


Elemental Power Based On EXO Mythology: Wind

Individual Projects: Appeared in dramas "To The Beautiful You," "Royal Villa," and "EXO Next Door." Had lead role in music video of BoA's 2015 single "Who Are You."

Notable Facts: Youngest member of EXO.

Kris (Wu Yi Fan), Luhan, and Tao (Huang Zi Tao) were excluded from this guide due to their ongoing contract nullification lawsuits against SM Entertainment.

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