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6 EXO B-Side Tracks To Check Out Before The EXO'luXion Tour Hits North America

By Samantha Marie Lifson | February 06, 2016 04:46 PM EST

SM Entertainment's boy group EXO is known for their music show dominated and chart topping title tracks. The group has a number of super successful singles including the pop-tastic "Love Me Right," the retro "Call Me Baby," and the smooth "Growl." But these songs along wouldn't make EXO's albums the record breakings hits they are; not without some fantastic (and often overlooked) B-side tracks to complement.

Here's a list of some of our favorite EXO B-sides to check out before their "The EXO PLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion" coming up later this month!


The hidden gem of their debut EP MAMA, "Angel" was one of the first tracks to show the extent of EXO's beautiful vocal abilities. "Angel" stands out especially compared to the commanding "Mama," and heavy sounds of "History," "Machine," and "Two Moons." Instead, filled with excellent harmonization a steady chord progressions, "Angel" is a song likely to lull you into a comfortable sleep. As an added bonus, the accompanying choreography infuses elements of popping and ballet for a truly stunning sight:


"Unfair" is the perfect track to look up if you're having a great day or in search of a pick-me-up. Part of EXO's 2015 Sing For You - Winter Special Album. "Unfair" was the track that exploded into popularity alongside their more solemn title track "Song for You." At the core of "Unfair" is a popping, electronic, and slightly Christmas sounding beat that establishes the perfect base for EXO's cutesy romantic vocals. As EXO sings about their love for the listener, it's hard not to fall endlessly in love in return with a track this addictive. We dare you to listen to it without smiling:


EXO's second EP Overdose showed fans how eclectic the group's song styling could be. From the serious, synth-filled, title "Overdose" to the soft R&B sounds of "Thunder," and everything in between, Overdose had it all. "Run" stands out, however, as one of EXO's first anthem style tracks. The steady buildup of the beat helps to create a song that is both empowering and fun. Not to mention the repetitive "oh's" are the perfect earworm to get the song stuck in your mind for days:


EXO and Star Wars fans alike where startled by the official collaboration between the two. And yet, it was far from surprising when the result was an energetic, in-your-face club banger of a song with a visually stunning music video to match. Putting EXO's questionable lightsaber handling aside, the song itself was one of the best party-dance anthems the group has released to date and it is easy to fall into the trap of putting "Lightsaber" on repeat. Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself:

"El Dorado"

Originally previewed during the 23 pre-debut teasers, "El Dorado" is the track EXO fans waited for. When it finally released as part of EXO's second album EXODUS fans were elated to have the track at last. "El Dorado" takes you on a journey only EXO can provide. The song's progression does well to simulate an actual trek in search of "El Dorado" alongside the members of EXO. Moreover, Chanyeol's rap works perfectly to hype the listener up and make them feel like "we are one" right along with the group:


To round out our list we picked another track from EXODUS-the smooth and sultry "Playboy." This B-track is easily the sexiest song on this list. "Playboy" is a song that commands the listener to sway with the beat and snap their fingers. Even better, the live performance gives listeners all the body rolling and hip thrusting one would expect with a song as sexy as this one-especially when the members pair off. Let EXO be your "Playboys" and check out the song below:

What's your favorite EXO track? Let us know below!

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