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WINNER Rapper Mino Discusses Meaning Behind 'Shedding His YG Label'

By Samantha Marie Lifson | February 03, 2016 12:27 PM EST


Even before WINNER's well-received, chart dominating recent comeback, rapper Song Mino has been the talk of the K-pop world for a while now.

Thanks to his appearance on Mnet's rap competition program Show Me The Money 4, Mino has become an incredibly recognized idol and rapper in the Korean scene for both his controversies and his talent.

Now that he's back promoting with his group, Mino took the time to explain some of the things that came up during his time on Show Me The Money 4, especially (the part that worried fans most) what he meant when he said he would "shed the YG label."

On Feb. 1, Mino was asked about the line from his audition performance. "That lyric was written to show my ambition and determination," Mino explained according to OSEN. "I wanted to try something through my own strength instead of my company's. But it does not mean I'll be terminating my contract."

With WINNER's comeback proving the group is just as popular as ever, many were not too worried about Mino leaving YG. However, having the confirmation that he is here to stay in the YG Entertainment group is always refreshing to hear!

WINNER released two new title tracks, "Sentimental" and "Baby Baby," on February 1. Mino and fellow members Lee Seunghoon and Nam Taehyun contributed to the writing and composing of both tracks, earning the group even higher praise for the new songs.

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