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Mamamoo Joke About Their Height In Music Video For 'Pride Of 1cm (Taller Than You)'

By Kevin Fox | February 11, 2016 12:01 PM EST

Mamamoo have finally released the music video for "Pride of 1cm (Taller Than You)," the third track off their first official album "Melting." 

In the beginning of the music video, the members of Mamamoo look serious as the hip-hop beat begins, with Hwasa asking if there's anyone out there taller than her. When she gets no response, the colorful, playful personalities of the members come out as they tease each other about height throughout the music video, despite the fact that there is only a 1 centimeter difference between a few of the members.

Among the many jokes included in the video is a reference to Jessi in Unpretty Rapstar 2. Near the end, Solar parodies a scene from from  the program that became somewhat of a meme in Korea, when one of the contestants, Jessi, said "listen up, midgets. On this stage..." as part of a rap battle. 

Mamamoo's agency, RBW Entertainment, was quoted as saying, "When it comes to Mamamoo's music, they are the best girl group at enjoying themselves in a way that fits with the video and song."

"For 'Taller Than You,' real, personal events from the member's lives are included in the song," the agency continued. "From the witty lyrics to the energetic performance of Mamamoo, we decided that sharing the video for fans to enjoy would be best."  

Mamamoo's first full-length album, "Melting," will be released on Feb. 26.

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